Our Vision

Centuries of advances in mathematics have finally got us to the point where trust between people can be established through concrete cryptographical constructions. We no longer need a trusted courier to exchange messages, or a centralized authority to exchange value. We can get control over our personal data through modern zero-knowledge technologies and powerful personal mobile devices that were unimaginable a decade ago. We can get into the era of effective democracy when our delegated rights can be granted and revoked within seconds. In summary – we can build trust without intermediaries with large powers but little accountability.

We want to pursue opportunities that have opened to us due to latest advancements in cryptography and public blockchains. Public is important here. Only unrestricted access to information enables capacities mentioned above. Censorship-resistance and privacy are cornerstones that we build upon, as well as rational application of technology and economic efficiency. Last two years have proven that there is a large difference between an idea (e.g., asset tokenization) and practical implementation. And yet all the necessary parts for efficient public blockchains are almost at their places. With a power of zero-knowledge proofs, that allow everyone to conduct their computations privately, efficiently and consistently, and Ethereum as a public source of trust and consensus, we are building solutions to bring decentralization to the physical world.

Ultimately, we envision the world where people are paying for their morning cup of coffee with a currency that was produced and lives entirely on a public blockchain.