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PLASMA Ignis is Live!

our team is working on zk-SNARKs Plasma

Petr Korolev
Head of Development
10+ years experience in enterprise development and architecture for fintech solutions (banking systems, stock exchanges)
Worked on information security and protection of personal data.
Author and active participant of open source projects
MSc in Solid-State Physics,
Moscow State University

Alexander Vlasov
Head of Research
5+ years in software development. Crypto enthusiast and blockchain developer
Worked on crypto and zkSNARKs for mobile devices.
Has written Plasma from scratch and speed up it to 25k TPS
PhD in electrical engineering, McGill University

Konstantin Panarin
Crypto and information security specialist.
Worked on symbolic analyzer for x86 binary files and other reverse-engineering tools. Took part in organization of Volga CTF information security competitions.
Bachelor degree in information security and MS degree in pure maths (HSE)
Our team is spread around the world. The best way to contact us is via E-mail.
As a research project we have no plans for any ICO or STO
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